The Health Dangers of Artificial Sweeteners

This was considered a magic pill just a few years ago:

If you thought that artificial sweeteners are the best thing to have happened to weight watchers and people who are dieting for special medical reasons, you are right. But what scientists have been discovering ever since the FDA has approved the use of artificial food sweeteners is that they can be more harmful than the benefit that is thought that one derives out of them.

Really! That can be baffling no!!

Yes, a lot of it stems from the knowledge that the chemical reaction that the brain has after an overdose of such artificial sweetener is a little too much in the grey area. Experts in the field warn that a little sweetener every day for a prolonged period of years can be the beginning of an impending heart condition.

A few scientists have been able to link heart conditions with prolonged use of sweeteners but the research as of now is in the nascent stage. Perhaps it is too early to light the amber bell but it is prudent to not get carried away that these small pills and sugar pillow packets are great for your health sans any side effects at all.

And weight loss is yet another story:

I have seen the brain trick me. For example, a diet coke is okay when compared to only half of the normal one. Sometimes, I feel that I can eat a big piece of cake because my coffee was nonsweet! You see!!

Using artificial sweeteners has been one hundred percent counterproductive for me in my case and I don’t know what kind of damage it has done to my body already but I know now after MOVO MOVO happened that I must steer clear from too much of artificial sweeteners also.