Recovering a Broken Relationship after Addiction

Addiction can break relationships, whether both members of the couple are addicts or not. Here, we look at some ways you can start to rebuild your relationship after beginning the recovery process, or once you are fully recovered.

The most important thing during the recovery period is to be patient. It isn’t a simple overnight process and can take months, or longer, to become fully recovered. It’s important to talk through your recovery plan with your loved ones, to help them understand how long it will take. They can also help keep you motivated and keep you on track with your plan if you feel you might slip back into old habits. The type of addiction you have been dealing with will make a difference in the recovery methods you should use, so it’s important to seek professional, medical help, when formulating your plan.

It is very important to also have trust when working to rebuild a relationship. The partner has to learn to trust the former addict again, that they will not fall back into old habits and they are really determined to recover for good. You might also have to work to earn forgiveness from your partner if you have hurt them through your addiction in the past. Again, this can take some time so it’s important to be patient.

Routine is important when recovering, so it can be helpful to include your partner in your new routine. A healthy routine is key to having a successful recovery, so it’s important to set boundaries and build a new routine together.

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