Introducing the BiOptix 404pi

The BiOptix 404pi is an affordable phase-based SPR instrument capable of performing high-sensitivity molecular interaction analysis in a high-throughput manner.  The 404pi combines the sensitivity and performance of our proprietary technology with an advanced, multi-injector fluidics system.

BiOptix 404pi

Features of the BiOptix 404pi include:

  • Phase-based SPR for high sensitivity
  • 4 injector / 4 flow cell design for high-throughput
  • Advanced automated fluidic system for fast kinetic measurements
  • Multiple surface chemistries
  • Compatible with industry standard Scrubber 2 software
  • Cost-effective and simple to operate

Biological Applications

  • Protein-small molecule interactions
  • Protein-protein kinetics
  • Antibody affinities & epitope mapping
  • Oligosaccharide characterization
  • Nucleic acid (DNA-DNA or DNA-RNA) hybridization
  • Biomolecule concentration measurements

Four Injector Design

A unique feature of the BiOptix 404pi is the use of a four needle autosampler and four parallel flow cells. This allows the operation in a mode that provides four times the throughput of an ordinary SPR instrument, while maintaining the sensitivity that users demand. The 404pi can also be operated in a traditional mode for more detailed analysis of molecular interactions. The 404pi is capable of using vials or 96/384 well plates.

For additional information or to request a product demonstration, please contact a BiOptix product specialist at: 303-545-5550.