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Enhanced Surface Plasmon Resonance — The BiOptix 404pi.  With a family of Enhanced Surface Plasmon platforms, BiOptix is leading the way in label-free kinetic analysis.

For value-based researchers, BiOptix offers the 404pi. The 404pi utilizes the same patented phase-based SPR technology pioneered in the 104sa, and delivers high sensitivity (100 Da) and high throughput without the high price tag. The 404pi utilizes 4 parallel channels allowing simultaneous characterization of 4 samples, and can be configured in a 96/384 well plate format. Features of the BiOptix 404pi:

The BiOptix Innovators Program

The BiOptix Innovators Program is a simple way for researchers to become acquainted with the BiOptix SPR platform.  Depending on the needs of the customer, BiOptix invites qualified researchers to send in a molecular model of interest to test in our laboratory facilities on the new BiOptix 404pi, or BiOptix can place an instrument—free of charge and with training—into a specific research facility for an on-site trial.

For additional information or to request a product demonstration, please contact a BiOptix product specialist at: 303-545-5550.

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