The Unexpected Benefits of Outdoor Play

People including the young ones are spending too much time on sedentary activities. We have too many gadgets and work and other pressures that have altered our views about outdoor activities completely. Though we know the usual benefits of outdoor playing for children, like the fresh air and sunlight etc., we forget that outdoor playing brings in many unexpected advantages also that help in their complete development.

Some of the lesser known benefits are:

  1. Children play with their friends outside and usually may not be under constant supervision. This allows them the freedom of developing a different kind of social interaction with their friends. This is very important as this helps them to learn and create their own identities in the social context.
  2. Structured physical activities like classes for all kinds of sports help kids in having good fitness. At the same time, some unstructured playing with their friends and developing and exploring new games also help to boost their academic performance and creativity.
  3. When kids play outside, there may be a schedule but usually, kids play until they are exhausted and really tired. This allows them to eat well and sleep well.
  4. It helps them to develop bonds and friendships with kids their own age. This reduces bullying and the social structure helps them to counter negative behavior in the friends.
  5. The kids with some kind of learning disabilities also benefit from playing outside and this has been proven through research as well.

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