Anxiety Vs Depression – Understanding the Difference

The thing about mental illnesses is that they are not given the amount of attention that any small physical illness gets. The truth is that only when the mind is healthy would the body be healthy from the inside out. Anxiety and depression are two very similar mental health conditions. But when you compare the finer details these are two very different issues. But one thing that remains common is that both the illnesses require special attention and love from the loved ones. There are plenty of wonderful quotes that you can forward to those suffering from anxiety and depression to help them win back their hope and start falling in love with life and with themselves, all over again.

Signs of depression

  • The first sign of depression is the loss of hope.
  • The person starts feeling like there is no stronghold or no strong purpose in life
  • The person starts losing interest in those things which he or she generally used to love doing
  • There is a constant feeling of The person starts blaming oneself when anything goes wrong.
  • This, in turn, leads to the loss of self-worth in some extreme cases
  • All these, when left untreated, would eventually lead to the person losing interest in life and even lead to suicidal thoughts.

Signs of anxiety

  • Anxiety is all about constantly worrying about things that are about to happen
  • The fear of what lies ahead might prevent the person from being productive and prevents him or her from giving his or her best.
  • Anxiety can lead to insomnia in some cases
  • The fear of the future might also lead to a restless feeling
  • This restlessness and lack of sleep further leads to fatigue

If you feel that you have one or more of the above-mentioned symptoms, start acting right away. Stop and take some time to introspect. Learn to focus on the good things in life.…

How Couples Can Team Up to Get Healthy in 2018

We all have a special person in life with whom we spend our entire life. We travel, laugh, eat and pray together so that we are connected to each other under all circumstances. If that is the level of dedication and proximity in the relationship, then why keep different fitness and health goals? Wouldn’t it be an amazing idea for a couple to get healthy together and reap its benefits while having the other person beside?

If you too are someone who really cares about their relationship and want to find out some useful ways to set brilliant fitness goals with their partners, then this is your ultimate destination.

Tips for couple fitness goals

Here are some helpful ideas that will assist you in scheduling a great fitness regime for yourself as your partner for a healthy living.

  • Plan for outdoor outings and hangouts: You can try to plan a date where you both explore an area or trek around the slope. This will help you stay fit while jotting down some memories for your future.

  • Motivate each other: You can always motivate each other to get rid of your individual bad habits. Adapts good healthy habits and ensure that your partner follows you for maximum benefits.

  • Eat healthily: Even when you are on a vacation, make sure that whatever you eat is healthy. In fact, eating more organic would be a better idea. Avoid junk foods and believe in eating more green vegetables and power-packed seeds.

  • Plan regular check-ups: You must plan your complete body check-ups with your doctor even when you do not feel any issue in the body. This will help you stay updated on your body concerns and treat problems right in time to avoid any major disorders or medical conditions.

  • Surround each other with positivity: It is very essential for you to maintain an environment at home where there are ample positivity and happiness. This will keep you both motivated and happy.

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