What Do You Eat On A No Carb Diet?

Cutting carbs help people shed weight fast. The processed foods that are high in carbohydrates are easily absorbed in to the blood stream and converted to sugar. On the other hand, carbohydrates are powerhouse from which the body gets the required fuel to function. Carbohydrates that are consumed in excess are stored by body as fats which are used later. In case, the energy is not utilized it stays in fat cells. Accumulation of this over a time leads to weight gain.

Acclaimed weight loss programs like Nutrisystem, Jenny Craig, etc also limit carbs so that their dieters lose weight fast. You can visit sonacreamery site to go through a thorough comparison made on these two weight loss programs. The carbohydrates cause increase in blood sugar levels which activate the pancreas to secrete insulin. Insulin helps in clearing the sugars in the blood and keeps the body in a metabolic equilibrium. The excess glucose found in blood is converted into glucogen and stored in liver and muscle cells. This is reserved for later use. Further excess glucogen is converted as fat and stored in the body.

A low carb diet may help you lose weight positively but it is expected to work for only a few weeks. Here are a few examples of low carb foods that you can eat on a no carb diet.

  • Pastured eggs of turkey and chicken
  • Organic coconut oil, walnut, grape seed, avocado and olive oil
  • Fish and Seafood such as salmon, haddock, etc
  • Non starchy veggies like Brussels sprouts, cabbage, green beans, broccoli, lettuce, bell peppers, asparagus, tomatoes, cucumber, spinach and cauliflower
  • Hard cheese, butter made from grass fed cow’s milk and some of the approved cheese like cheddar cheese, blue cheese, goat feta, American cheese and Parmesan
  • Water, coffee and tea has no carbs

Top Reasons Why You Should Start Drinking More Tea

Love your daily dosage of coffee? Love having tea too? Probably it is time to have more of the tea than your coffee. A glance at daily-achiever.com can tell you how good tea can be for you.

Here are a few reasons why you should consider increasing your intake of tea on a regular basis –

  • It is a well-known claim that tea is rich in antioxidants which has a number of health benefits linked to it. Research shows tea can not only help your heart but can also help against cancer. Though there are no proven cases for these claims, tea can definitely improve one’s immunity.
  • The high amount of antioxidants in tea is believed to help with and prevent heart diseases when consumed regularly. Green tea and black tea are considered to be the stars for these unapproved studies.
  • The antioxidants increase the rate at which the body burns fat, thus improving the muscle endurance and helping you exercise better.
  • Despite the caffeine content in tea, it hydrates the body, unlike coffee that causes dehydration when consumed in large quantities. Due to this, tea is a better option to give that much-needed a jolt of caffeine after a long day, without having a negative effect
  • Due to increased metabolic activity aided by regular consumption of tea, it can help you reduce that belly fat.
  • Green tea is famous for its role in not only helping one reduce weight but also improving skin tone. It helps cleanse the skin from within, thus leaving you with a younger, fresher looking skin.
  • One can customize this drink based on not just their taste buds but also health benefits offered by various other ingredients. One can mix a variety of spices in their tea and enjoy the benefits of all in one drink.
  • Over the years, experiments have led to an easy availability of a number of flavors in tea. Hence one can enjoy different tastes of tea and give their taste buds something to look forward to on a regular basis.

How To Lose 100 Pounds In 8 Months?

Losing 100 pounds in 8 months requires lot of hard work from you. First, you will have to be prepared mentally to lose this amount of weight. It is hard to find the motivation to lose this amount of weight. If you break the target into smaller goals it becomes easier to achieve it. Losing one pound of fat requires burning 3500 calories. Divide the total calories 350000 by 8 months which is equal to 43750 calories per month. Therefore you will have to create a deficit of 1450 calories per day to reach the goal.

How to achieve 1450 calories deficit per day?

Most of the weight loss programs do not recommend dipping below 1200 calories per day. Going below this will make your body hold onto excess energy and store it as fat. Therefore you can set the daily calorie goal as 1200 calories. If you are not sure about following a calorie controlled diet you can follow reliable weight loss programs like Nutrisystem, Medifast, Jenny Craig, etc. Both programs offer low calorie diet plans that help you lose up to 2 lbs per week in a steady and healthy manner. Following Nutrisystem is far more convenient when compared to Medifast and Jenny Craig. To know the differences between the two top programs read this article.

A woman weighing 250 pounds has to burn 2500 plus calories in order to live and give food to her organs. Therefore by restricting the calorie intake to 1200 calorie per day and increasing the burn to 2500 calories you will have the 1200 calorie deficit per day. What about the extra 250 calories? You can burn it through exercise and by making smart lifestyle choices. By switching over to healthy food options and monitoring your progress you can achieve your goal.…

The Health Dangers of Artificial Sweeteners

This was considered a magic pill just a few years ago:

If you thought that artificial sweeteners are the best thing to have happened to weight watchers and people who are dieting for special medical reasons, you are right. But what scientists have been discovering ever since the FDA has approved the use of artificial food sweeteners is that they can be more harmful than the benefit that is thought that one derives out of them.

Really! That can be baffling no!!

Yes, a lot of it stems from the knowledge that the chemical reaction that the brain has after an overdose of such artificial sweetener is a little too much in the grey area. Experts in the field warn that a little sweetener every day for a prolonged period of years can be the beginning of an impending heart condition.

A few scientists have been able to link heart conditions with prolonged use of sweeteners but the research as of now is in the nascent stage. Perhaps it is too early to light the amber bell but it is prudent to not get carried away that these small pills and sugar pillow packets are great for your health sans any side effects at all.

And weight loss is yet another story:

I have seen the brain trick me. For example, a diet coke is okay when compared to only half of the normal one. Sometimes, I feel that I can eat a big piece of cake because my coffee was nonsweet! You see!!

Using artificial sweeteners has been one hundred percent counterproductive for me in my case and I don’t know what kind of damage it has done to my body already but I know now after MOVO MOVO happened that I must steer clear from too much of artificial sweeteners also.