3 Ways to Stay Safe in The Bathroom

The bathroom can be a dangerous area of the home if proper care and precautions are not taken. Thankfully, it is relatively easy to minimize the risk and help prevent slips and falls with a little bit of preparation. Here, we have three top tips to help make the bathroom a safe and relaxing room of the house.

  1. The most important thing to prevent falls in the bathroom is to ensure any rugs are securely fastened using double-sided non-slip tape, or better removed completely. It’s also important to ensure the bath is made anti-slip, either by using a secured rubber mat or by placing non-slip tapes inside the tub.
  2. Another easy way to help prevent accidents in the bathroom is to ensure the lighting is good. Poor lighting is a common cause of accidents and falls. This is especially important if you wake up to go to the bathroom at night. In this case, installing a small night light is a good idea, as you don’t need to put on the main light which can sometimes hurt the eyes.
  3. Keeping the bathroom clean can also be an effective way to make it safer. Try to keep the floor dry, mopping up excess water which spills. The bathtub should also be cleaned regularly, to help prevent slippery soap scum from building up. Not only will this reduce the risk of slips, it’s also beneficial for your general health to have a clean house. Mold can grow quickly in the damp environment of the bathroom, which can lead to respiratory problems. It’s also more difficult to remove mold if it is allowed to build up and spread – another great reason to keep the bathroom clean.

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